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12 Fitness Days of Christmas (Day 10)

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12 Fitness Days of Christmas Day 10

Hope you enjoyed Day 9, there was some great information in there that will allow you to take action now as 2015 comes to a close.  Some of these tips if you are start implementing now will take you to the next level. It’s time to level up some more.


Number 55: Drink Green Tea


It’s not a surprise that the ancients in the Far East used green tea to live a healthy life. Green tea has some great benefits. Green tea is loaded with antioxidants which help battle free radicals in the body and help reduce some types of cancer. Green tea also helps improve brain function making us smarter and who doesn’t need that. The last benefit I want to touch upon is the fact that Green tea help burn fat. It has shown to improve metabolic rate which will help burn fat.  Try replacing your coffee with it and see what Green tea does for you.


Number 56: Improve Foot Strength

Our feet are the base of our bodies. If the base of any structure is weak what will happen to the rest of the structure? It will collapse. If our feet are not strong many times it will lead to injuries in our knees and hips. Our feet have many nerve ending and should be used to be able to feel ourselves around terrain. Our feet are very similar to our hands in regards to bone structure and sensory.  However, the invention of shoes have made our feet dead.  So what can we do to strengthen our feet and get that feel back? Start with training barefoot. This will strengthen the musculature of your feet and start building a stronger foundation. Start with small plyometrics, like small hops in place to get the muscle tissue active again. The stronger your feet the stronger you will be.


Number 57: Stop looking at Fitness Magazines


Just going to be blunt here. The pictures you see on the cover of fitness magazines are bullshit. This is not reality for a person trying to burn fat and build muscle. I know for a fact I will never look like the bodybuilder on the of Flex magazine. People pick up these magazines and think that this is what they have to look like. Let me give you a little insight on what it takes to be on the cover. First, it’s that person’s job to look that good. When it comes time for a photo shoot they have to go to extremes to look that way. They train extreme and their eating is extreme. There is no cheating either at the table or in the gym because it will show. There are trips to the sauna and diuretics being used. Now ask yourself, are you willing to do that day in and day out? Is that a no I hear? You have to realize that what you see is not always what you it is. Your job is to get that notion out of your head. Your lifestyle is not theirs. I’m not saying it’s bad to strive for that kind of excellence but don’t be fooled that is what health and fitness is all about. Become the best version of yourself that fits your lifestyle. Get strong and sexy within the context of your life and the rest will fall into place. Now let me get back to Flex magazine.

Number 58: Be Prepared for Downs


They will come more often than you will like but greet them as a friend that you have not seen in a long time. Every one of us suffers along the journey with some periods of downs. These are the moments that define the us and the journey. Most people will quit at the first sign of a problem and run the other only to never truly achieve their goals. You know what successful people do? They come to a down time and they fight through it. Thy learn from it so they don’t make the same mistakes and keep pushing until they are on their way back up. Don’t get frustrated, get fascinated with the challenge and come out on the other side victorious.

Number 59: Challenge Yourself

Pick something hard and do it. Every year I like to challenge my students at the gym to do a Spartan Race with me. Last year we had 25 people do the race. I don’t expect anyone to go out and win the race, I expect people to take the challenge and see how far they can push
themselves. This is what life is about, challenging yourself to get go above what you have ever done before. With my students that have done the race I see a difference in them. After the race they are proud of themselves as am I of them but more importantly it transfer to future workouts. They get more into it and want to challenge themselves in different ways. Once you conquer one challenge then you start to think of other ways to challenge yourself and then the un begins.


Number 60: Be Grateful


All too often we are focused on what we don’t have rather than the things we are blessed with. Then once a year Thanksgiving rolls around and everyone is giving thanks. You know what, be thankful everyday for what you have. Don’t harp on what you don’t have. Focus on all the positive in your life and say thank you. Each morning when you wake up you can set the tone for the day by saying thank you for all the things that you have in your life. The more we are thankful for what we have the more we shall receive.

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