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12 Fitness Days of Christmas (Day 12)

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Merry Christmas I hope you enjoyed all the tips to help you get kickstarted to a kick ass new year. Here are the final tips that will catapult you to an awesome year.


Number 67: Don’t Think of Fitness as a War


I see it all the time with people who are trying to get in shape, they want every workout to leave them absolutely exhausted and sore for days. They think that getting in shape and fitness should be a war. I don’t blame them because the media and society portray fitness to be like that and if you are not going all out and laying on the floor at the end of each and every session you are not going to see results. I’m here to bring you a more sensible approach to fitness, one that will allow you training sessions that are tough but at the same time won’t leave you feeling like you have been through a 12 round fight with Mike Tyson. This is especially true for people who are just starting, if you leave the gym constantly blasted and walking around sore all the time you will quit. Approaching fitness the right way where you go in thinking about getting better is the way to go. Your thoughts should be on how you can improve daily not how you should be laying in a puddle of your own sweat. Find a gym that will make you better not worse.


Number 68: Focus on the Journey not the Destination


Often times when we set a goal we get fixated on the end result.  Focusing on the end will be a disaster. As humans we want instant gratification, the problem is transforming your body to where you want it will not happen overnight. That pretty much goes for any goal that we set. If we are too focused on the goal we will miss the journey and all the cool stuff that happens along the way. The journey is the fun part. I can tell you from experience, when I attained a goal, yes it was great and I was elated but soon it wore off and I was on to the next goal. The journey is where we learn about ourselves and how much we are willing to take to get to where we want. You have to learn to enjoy the process, the ups and the downs because that is what life is all about. As you begin to set your goals for the upcoming year remember that the journey will be more exciting than the results and you will have more fun along the way than at the end.

Number 69: Celebrate Yourself


This one is one of the easiest tips of the 72 but the one that is followed probably the least. When you accomplish something that you want, celebrate your victory. Not many people will celebrate your accomplishments, be the first one to pat yourself on the back. If the goal was something that you really wanted then you deserve to celebrate yourself. Set the goal, attain it and have a party for yourself.


Number 70: Follow People that Have had Success


Success leaves tracks. There is not many things out there that have not been accomplished. Are you looking to get in the best shape of your life? There are many people that have done it before you. There is no reason for us to reinvent the wheel. Find someone that has done the same thing as you, obviously legally, and follow what they have done. It is the easiest way to get to your goal and takes a lot of the thinking out of it. Find someone and follow in their footsteps.


Number 71: Anyone can Make You Tired, not Everyone can Make You Better


Basically find a coach that will make you better. A coach that will help put you on the right path towards your goal and guide you along the way. Hiring the right coach is the hard part because there are many out there that are just out there throwing random workouts at people just to leave them exhausted. Rarely do these trainers get the people they are training the results they want. Like above they give them what they want, an exhausting workout leaving them floored but a good coach will not only give you what you want but more importantly they will give you what you need. This is where the gold is buried, finding a coach that will make you better and give you the results that you have always desired. The fitness industry is littered with trainer that will make you tired, finding the gem in the bunch is the key and once you have the right coach you will see the results that you want. Everyone needs a coach, including myself to help guide them on their journey. With our lives filled with so many other things the last thing we need to stress about is what to do at the gym, the right coach and gym will take the thinking out of it and help lead you to success.


Number 72: Start a Transformation Program and Finish IT!


If one of your goals for the new year is to burn fat and build muscle then a transformation program is the best way to start. A transformation program will allow you to get started on your journey. When looking for a transformation program you have to look for one that follows a program to help you burn fat and build muscle. When looking for a transformation program you have to be careful of ones that offer you to burn excess amounts of weight. Many transformation programs will help you lose weight but will not change your lifestyle. When looking to get healthy it’s not just for 8 weeks, a solid transformation program will help you change your life. You will not only transform physically but mentally as well. This is the type of program that you want, one that has a lasting effect so you can have the healthiest future possible.


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