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12 Fitness Days of Christmas (Day 7)

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12 Fitness Days of Christmas Day 7


We are plugging away here with our tips and I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am writing them. Let’s move on now with the second half and on to 2016.


Number 37: Take Ownership


I have been notorious for doing this in the past and have to catch myself when I do it now. If you want to take 2016 to a whole new level then you have to take ownership of yourself. You have to own everything that you do.  Make a mistake, own it. Miss your training session, own it. Have a few days of not eating as well as you should, own it. Not sleeping enough, own it. Not getting the results you want, own it.  Get the point? We live in a time where it is easier to pass the buck, to blame others and circumstances for us not achieving what we want. That shit has to end now. In order for you to be successful in 2016, we have to stop putting the blame on others and take ownerships. Once we own it we become responsible for everything and that responsibility will lead to great things.


Number 38:Take Fish Oil


What if I told you that if you took fish oil it would help reduce inflammation in the body, help burn fat, improve brain function, improve joint pain, help prevent cancer and reduce cholesterol. Would you take it? I just told you, so what are you waiting for? Go out grab a bottle of fish oil just make sure the pills are coated so you don’t get the fish burps. Nothing would be worse if you are trying to pick up a good looking girl and you are burping fish oil in her face. Most of do not eat enough fish so adding fish oil supplement is the best way to go.


Number 39:Get outside and train


The weather here on the east coast of the United States is about to get cold but that is still no excuse why you should not go out in the elements and train. One year I was outside in the trails training in 18 degree weather and I can tell you one thing I was in the best shape of my life. Training outside is a great way to break up the monotony of the gym. I always suggest if you are going to get outside and train hit up a trail. Be creative with your workout. Carry rocks, crawl, sprint, and climb. Just be natural with the training.  There is something about being in nature and training, it’s refreshing and can kickstart you back to getting the results that you want.


Number 40: Don’t Take Yourself too Seriously


That’s right, we are not that serious. To often we go through our daily lives acting too serious. When we are always being serious we are just adding stress to our lives. I often catch myself acting to serious and then have to smack myself in the face to snap out of it. What does this have to do with having a great 2016 you may be asking? Everything! Don’t be so serious that you bogg your life down with BS that only stresses you out. Your job is to try and find the fun in all situations if possible. Doing this will make your life more enjoyable and more people will want to be around you.


Number 41: Don’t Skip Around from One Diet to the Next


Why do many people fail at losing weight? They never stick with a diet plan long enough to reap the results. We all have the friend that is always doing a different diet and for all the diets that they do they always look the same and have not lost any weight. If you start a diet you have to at least give it 3-4 weeks before you abandon it completely. This is the problem with weighing yourself  everyday, if the number on the scale does not change then we automatically think what we are doing is not working. This could be the furthest thing from the truth. Focus on the diet plan that you have decided upon for a month, then go and reevaluate the situation and make the proper adjustments. You will find greater results if you stick with something long enough than just giving up on it.

Number 42: Become more Flexible


You don’t have to be a Mr. Stretch but adding in flexibility into your training will only help you in the long run. Flexibility will help you with your posture, after a hard strength training session it will aid your muscle in recovery, it will also help reduce the risk of injury and help improve everyday performance. Some of the muscles you should stretch each day are your hamstrings, calves, bicep, pecs, and your hip flexors. Keep these loose and you will find yourself feeling better each and everyday.


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