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12 Fitness Days of Christmas (Day 8)

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12 Fitness Days of Christmas Day 8


We are on the back stretch of the 12 Fitness Days of Christmas and my hope is that just one of these tips helps you make a life change that will lead to you being successful in 2016.


Number 43: Stop Eating Like a Child


Candy, cookies and cupcakes, oh my! That’s right if you have kids you know that most of them eat like this. Now let me let you in on a little secret, you my friend are not a child, so stop eating like one. I am not talking about the occasional piece of junk food, I’m talking about eating this kind of crap on a daily basis. One day someone asked me why they were not seeing results, my answer was simple, “stop eating like a child.” I don’t think they took kind to my answer but you know what as a coach you have to give people the truth no matter how bad it hurts. Imagine the amount of sugar you are putting in your body then ask yourself why you are not getting the results you desire. Be honest with yourself it’s the only way to get the results you want.


Number 44: Squat Everyday


You ever see kids play, if they have to pick something up off the floor they go down in perfect squat position. Somewhere along the way we stop squatting. We end up doing a lot of sitting that put our glutes in a sleeper hold and weakens our hips which can lead to injuries down the road.  So when I say squat everyday, it does not mean you have to load up a barbell and get 5 sets of 5 in. Just get down in a deep squat position, deep is a relative term as everyone will have their own “deep”. Once there just hold it for around thirty seconds then simply stand up. This simple squa will do wonders for your hips and keep you feeling young.


Number 45: Add Avocados to Your Diet

Besides the fact that they taste delicious avocado provide a great source of healthy fat. Are you suffering from muscle soreness? Put down that banana and eat some avocado. Avocado are rich in potassium and will help with those aching muscles so you can actually sit on the toilet. I personally love adding avocado to my omelettes, if you never tried it  do so it can be a breakfast gamechanger. You can also add it to salad to get your dose of healthy fats.


Number 46: Make Things Simple


Often times we over complicate our lives. Look at any fitness goal you may have made in the past and never reached. It’s usually because you over complicated the plan to achieve it. I know for myself when things are not going right I take a step back from the situation and see how I can make things easier. Perfect example are these tips I’m giving you. Sure it is a ton of writing and if I tried to do all in one shot it would never get done. It would too overwhelming. So I have simplified it. I have broken it down so that when I have time I write as much as possible then I’m able to chip away here and there until they are all done. Simple is the approach we need to take with everything that we set out to do. I’ve seen it plenty of times once we make things more difficult than they have to be they never get done. In 2016 we want to be about getting it done.


Number 47: Focus on the Keys to Success


One way we can keep it simple is by focusing on the keys to success.  So by now we should have at least set some goals for 2016, hopefully we have started working on them. Our main focus should be on those things that will make us successful. Let’s look at fat loss. The keys to success to accomplish this would be starting a food journal, food prepping and training. So what do we have to focus on if we are trying to lose weight? You got it food journaling, food prep and training. Get those three keys to success down and you will lose the excess body fat you want.  This is true for any goal. Find out what will make you successful at attaining it and just focus on those things.

Number 48: Practice Breathing


Want to improve your health, reteach your body how to breath the right way. If you watch someone breathe more times than none they are breathing from their upper chest. Stop, and take note of how you are breathing. If you are breathing and your shoulders are rising then that can lead to problems. Think of it this way, you breathe thousands a times a day, if your shoulders keep going up and down thousands of time you think that can cause shoulder impingments, neck pain and headaches?  What about bad posture? Yes it can. We want to take diaphragmatic breaths. These are breaths that come from your belly. Think about breathing deep air and filling your stomach and then breathing out your nose. Watch as your stomach rises up and down. If you see that then you are doing it the right way.This sounds very simple but the act of breathing the right way will help you be healthier.

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