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12 Fitness Days of Christmas (Day 9)

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12 Fitness Days of Christmas Day 9


The last few days are upon us and the end of 2015 is closing in on us. It’s time to end the year on the right foot and step into 2016 on all cylinders.


Number 49: Take Inventory


I remember when I was sixteen, I worked at the local movie theater and besides taking tickets and making popcorn there was inventory that had to be taken so we could replenish what we needed to. It always seemed as though we needed more Sour Patch Kids but that’s because I ate like a child back then. But just like taking inventory on goods in order for us to be successful in 2016 we will need to take inventory on ourselves. We need to take a deep look into ourselves, and this can be made through our journal (You started that right?) where we figure out where we need to replenish. What is it that we need to help us to get where we want.  It is a long journey just like our groceries or cleaning products we will run low on something. This is is the time where we figure out what is working and see if we need to replenish it to finish off the journey. My suggestions is to take inventory every six to eight week. This will give you time to figure out what is working and what’ not.


Number 50: Eat Oatmeal


No not the quick packets, real oatmeal, yes the one that has to be cooked. Yes, it is a carbohydrate, oh I know I said a bad word, but this is a good source of carbohydrate. Oatmeal is considered a whole-grain superfood that will power you up for the rest of the day. It contains calcium, potassium, will help boost energy and lower your blood pressure. Sounds like a good food source to me.

Number 51: Park Far Away


I see it all the time and have been guilty of it, trying to find the nearest spot to where I have to go. People fighting over parking spots just so they don’t have to walk as far. Don’t be that person. Trying to burn some extra calories? Park the furthest you can from the store. Walk my friend, walk. But what if I have to carry heavy packages back. Even better! Take those heavy packages and carry them to the car. Adding in more steps throughout the day will allow you to burn more calories. Every little bit helps, so stop being lazy and parking next to the handicap spot and go to the end of the lot.


Number 52: Carry Heavy Things


Walking with heavy objects will make you strong, and help burn fat. Try farmers walks, what are those you may ask, it could be one of the hardest exercises to perform. Simply pick up two dumbbells or kettlebells pinch your shoulder blades back and go for a walk. I know it’s not earth shattering but the results you will get from heavy farmers walks are incredible. There are several other variations of carries but I want you to start with the basic farmer’s walk and give that a shot for a few weeks. I will tell you one thing carrying the groceries to your car park in some remote spot will be easier.

Number 53: Make Someone Else Better


Help people get what they want and watch how fast you get what you want.  It’s that simple, help others attain their goals. If you have been successful at something someone else is trying to do why not give them advice. This act of kindness will come back to you and leave you feeling happy and smiling. This is why I love coaching, helping people achieve their goals makes me happy. I love watching the smiles on peoples faces when they get what they want. On top of that get excited for other people when they achieve a goal. Be the first one to give them a high five. If you help others and get excited for others your life will be that much happier.


Number 54: Don’t Be a Know It All


Two words that can kill your progress, ‘I Know’.  Just be aware of the fact if you are going to help someone you will hear this phrase a lot. Guess what though, you and I are just as guilty of it.  Once those two words come out of your mouth,learning and getting better cease right on the spot. We can let that happen, 2016 is the year of learning and getting better. The only way we get better is stop being a know it all. Stop using that phrase, start opening your ears and listening to what the person is saying that is trying to help. Catch yourself uttering the phrase and stop yourself and listen to the advice. Even if you heard it before once you say I know you cut the person down and they stop talking and you never hear if they are going to add more.  By the way if you know then why aren’t you doing it.  Stop knowing and start doing!

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