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Rob DeCillis

Rob DeCillis

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 12:36

Does the gym intimidate you?

The beep of the computer signifies your admittance but only after the nod from the young girl sitting at the desk are you truly allowed in. As you enter you are greeted by that peculiar smell of sweat and iron. All day you have thinking about your workout and as you stand there alone you still have no idea what you will do in the next hour. Bored of the same thing day in and day out you ponder a new routine. You look around to see what others are doing only to be intimidated by the large weights and the bulging muscles. You think to yourself, ‘Ok, that’s not for me, let me check out the class that is about to finish.’ Looking in you see woman in their fitted workout outfits with their toned muscles. They are breathing heavily as sweat drips down their face. If they look like they are about to die imagine what’s going to happen to me. Once again fear sets in as you stand there staring into the room. The instructor catches your eye and you quickly look away hoping she doesn’t ask you to do the next class. You turn your head and there it is, old faithful, your eyes light up as to say, ‘thank you for saving me!’ You jump on and start the conveyer belt, your feet start to move and in no time you are walking and you feel right at home. But do you really? Deep down inside you know you are walking to nowhere, the land where the results you dream of die. You know there is something more out there, something for you but what is it.


Meet Lori

Does this story sound familiar? Just like so many other people that join a gym yearly only to feel scared, out of place and end up quitting, Lori had the same experience. “ I was always intimidated at the traditional gym to use the weights, sprint, or use other equipment. I mostly pushed the button on the treadmill, stairmaster or bike.” This led her to not achieve the health and fitness goals that she desired. Getting fit and healthy is not an easy task but what is easy is getting frustrated when you don’t know what to do at the gym.


Lori would make the drive past TFW Long Island on a daily basis. After being frustrated going to the traditional gym she knew that she wanted to give something new a try but she was not ready to take the next step and actually walk into the Dojo. It wasn’t until her husband joined last October that she decided that it was time to make the leap. Seeing the results pretty quickly her husband told her to come down and give the gym a try. She is now comfortable walking into the gym. The fear she once had of working out is now gone. “ Every time I walk into TFW I am not intimidated. I learn how to use the equipment correctly and with the right coaching I know I have the proper form and technique to achieve maximum benefit from exercise.”




Losing weight is usually a major goal of people when they start a fitness routine. But fitness goes well beyond that. Losing weight is great but feeling good about yourself and in general is even better. “The results I have seen are unbelievable. My body is happier, stronger and healthier.” Another great aspect of training at TFW is all the new friends that she has made.



 Training in a group setting always build bonds between people and it certainly has with Lori and the other students in the Dojo. We all have long days at work and with all the other stresses in life it is good to have a place to go where you can forget about those things for an hour and focus on yourself. “It’s awesome to walk in after a difficult day at work, listen to the coaches motivational message and have a great workout all in about one hour.”


Here are Lori’s tips that helped transform her mind and body:

  1. Most important make the time to take care of yourself. We have many responsibilities in our everyday life. You need to niche out 3-4 hours a week for yourself so you can stay fit and healthy.

  2. Making the right food choices is imperative. I now choose foods and beverages that make my body feel good. Nutrition is key to getting results.

  3. I push myself to be better everyday. If you are not striving to be better everyday then the results will come slower. Some days are easier than others but if you challenge yourself each day you have no choice but to win.



Have you had a similar experience at the gym like Lori and many others? Do you go to the gym only to be intimidated by all the equipment and never seeing the results from your hard work? If you want to get results and feel great again then click the link below to kickstart yourself. 

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Does your career seem to take over your life? If you are like the majority of people in the world your work/life balance is usually tilted in the favor of more work less play. The massive amounts of time you spend at work takes away from all the other important things in your life. While things at the office are getting done and your professional life is looking good your health takes a back seat. Weeks pass then months pass by and you have not done anything to improve your health. This downward spiral can be disastrous to your health.


Meet Vasant, who had always been active and enjoyed running but he too fell into the trap of work life taking over his health. As the stresses mounted at work Vasant found himself distancing himself from being healthy. He knew that he had to change his priorities quickly before an unhealthy life would take over. Making getting to the gym a priority is important. You can make visits to the gym a property now or the doctor's office will become a priority in the future. Lucky for Vasant his wife was a student at TFW Long Island and was getting great results. Many times it is difficult to walk into a gym but when you see your wife getting strong and making positive changes it becomes easier.


“I looked forward to going to the gym.”


The problem many times when people join a gym is that they are overwhelmed. They walk in and see all this equipment and freeze. They look for the easiest thing to do which usually is jumping on a treadmill and running. After a while of doing the same routine everyday the gym becomes a drag. After becoming a student at TFW the gym no longer became a drag for Vasant. He enjoys training in the group classes as if he was part of a team. This keeps the training fun and forms a bond between people who are same journey towards the same goals.


The other aspect that he likes is the coaching. “I like the way the coaches correct you.” Having coaches on the floor at all times to help is one of the main reasons for such great results. You can go years to the gym and be doing things wrong. It’s not until you have the right guidance that you start getting what you are looking for.


With the coaching als comes the accountability. When there is someone checking to make sure you are doing the right things and staying on track results are easier to come by. Over the last two years Vasant has built muscle and improved his endurance. “ The recent trip to Acadia, Maine was a testament to the strength and endurance I have gained. While my friends were struggling I felt as though I could go keep going.” Vasant also plays badminton on the weekends and because of his improved athleticism he was able to win the doubles tournament last year.


 If you are looking to get your health here are three tips from Vasant that can help you:


  1. Focus on the process, not results. If you are always looking towards the end of the journey you miss all the great things that you learned and accomplished throughout. The results will come when you put the effort in.

  2. It is important to set goals but you should have short term goals (which I have to get better at). For example, my goal is work out 4-5 days a week which ensures me of getting three hours of  cardio a week.

  3. Don’t be intimidated by people lifting heavier weights than you.  Each person is different. Comparing yourself to others will lead to frustration at times. People are different ages and have different abilities. There are many factors from the amount of sleep you got the night before to your nutrition for the day. If you have a bad day at the gym don’t get frustrated just keep coming back and putting in the hard work.


Do you want to take your health back? Do you want to make it a priority in your life again? Don’t wait until it is too late. Do what Vasant did and make your health a priority today. You can achieve great results and transform your life. Click the link below to get a KICKSTART on your health.


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As you know having a child can be one of the greatest moment in your life. With all the joys that a child can bring sometimes getting the weight off that was gained during pregnancy can be a hard task. With all the responsibilities of being a new mom and taking care of a newborn, you forget to take care of your own health. Many times you get caught up not eating well becasue of stress, couple that with the lack of sleep you get and it can be easy to pack on the pounds or never lose the ones that were gained. 


Meet Patricia, after having her daughter she had found that she had packed on some weight. She was not happy with this at all. Growing up she was always very active, playing soccer and going for long runs to the beach. When she found herself with a few extra pounds and her confidence low she knew that it was time for a change. She had joined the gym to get back into shape but she always felt lost when working out. She would walk into the gym, jump on the treadmill for a while then grab some light weights and do what others were doing in the gym at the time. Just like many people she did not know the right way to exercise or the right exercises to do to get the results that she desired. 


Deep down inside she knew that the gym was not working for her and that she needed more. One day she came across a video for Training for Warriors. The video inspired her and she immediately wanted to try it, she knew that TFW was different. The training looked different from anything else she had seen or ever done. It looked very challenging but fun. It seemed as though it was more focused and that is what she needed to get results. She came in for her initial meeting with the coaches where her fears were put at bay and she knew then that she was ready to change her life. 


It's been a year since Patricia started on her fitness journey. After making the changes that were necessary to her diet and training more consistently she began to see the results that she always wanted to see. She began to enjoy the training more and more. At first she was a little skeptical about lifting weights because she thought it may make her big but when she realized the power of weightlifting she fell in love with it. She completely changed her lifestyle so it was in line with the results that she wanted to achieve. When you make changes to your life like Patricia did the results have no choice but to come. Since starting on her journey she lost fifteen pounds and six inches off her waist. the more impressive result however, is the confidence that she gained back and how she felt good about herself again. 


"I'm in the best shape of my life. I'm stronger and have a ton of energy."


Being a part of the TFW Family for a year and getting great results Patricia has a few tips for how you can transform yourself and get the results that you have always wanted.


Patricia's Three Tips for Transformation:


1. Find the right coaches. My coaches are great. They help us set goals, they hold us accountable to help stay on track towards those goals. They motivate me and give me the drive to do more. 

2. The training program itself. The workouts are planned for each day to help get the students the best results. There is variety in the TFW workouts and with the ecercises that keeps the training fun and challenging.

3. The most important thing is being consistent. You have to stay on top of your nutrition and the coahces help with that. It's also getting to the gym and making it a part of your life. You have to make health and fitness a priority in your life that is the only way that you will get the results that you have always been looking for. 


Are you stuck in the same old rut at the gym like Patricia was? Have you put on some extra pounds that you are looking to shred off? Are you looking for great results? You can achieve all of that and transform your life. Click the link below to get a KICKSTART on your health.

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Tuesday, 01 August 2017 13:02

Do you want results like Rob?

“You’re skinny, you don’t have to workout.” Maybe you have heard these words before, and yes while it’s nice to hear that you look like you are in good shape because you are skinny, you know the real truth. Skinny doesn’t mean you are in shape and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are healthy. Rob was that “skinny guy”, the one that people said didn’t have to workout. Deep down, however, he knew that he was in poor cardiovascular shape and at the time had suffered with a couple of episodes of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Compound that with the fact that he paid little attention to his nutrition, he knew that it was time for a change. He not only wanted to get healthy but become stronger and get back that step he once had when he played sports.


Today in the fitness world group classes are the thing. People enjoy working out with others and being part of something bigger. Lucky for Rob, he had two good friends that were already part of the TFW Long Island family. He saw the initial results that they had got and it was a no brainer to come down and try a class. After the coach put him through the warm-up he realized how much he needed a gym like this and was excited to start his fitness journey. As he started the journey he got hooked. This often happens when a person begins to train and gets the desired outcomes. As a result he has made it a priority to get to the gym 4-5 a week and with each visit he is always looking to improve himself.


Most people initially judge their results after joining a gym based on how much weight they lose. Heroes on the other hand make those judgements based on other things. “While there will always be personal bests to achieve and weight to be lost, the greatest result is how I good I feel and the actual physical exertion I now enjoy.” If that’s not enough Rob has grown to love the process of training. He has grown to love sprinting and lifting heavy weights saying that they give him a natural high. He is always asking questions in order to improve his technique on certain exercises and never the one to take the easy way out. Rob pushes himself each and every workout and it shows. In June of 2016,he put a major check mark on the board when he completed his first Spartan Race all while helping others finish as well.


“I was psyched for the Spartan Race and it was one of the most physically demanding things I have ever done. I loved going primal especially on the barbed wire crawl. I could not have done the first one or similar adventures if it weren’t for my time at TFW.”  This race gave him the fuel to set a goal of completing a Spartan Race on his own for time.


How did Rob get such amazing results? Here are his three tips to having a successful transformation.


  1. For me transformation was about changing my lifestyle for the long term. A transformation is a journey, it doesn’t just end after 8 weeks a true transformation happens over a lifetime.

  2. What’s helping me on this journey the most are having caring and knowledgeable coaches, without them none of this would have been possible. It’s not only the coaches, it’s the community in the gym, all my TFW friends, it’s like having an entire team behind me.

  3. Finally, paying attention to my nutrition in more detail has been the game changer. I’m learning that ice cream is not it’s own essential food group.


Are you looking to change your life like Rob? Are you looking to join a community of people that will help drive you towards your goals?You can achieve all of it and transform your life? Click on the link below to get on our 8-Week Transformation Pre-Sale List.

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When you are not happy with the way you look you lose confidence. Confidence is one of the worst things that you can lose. Once you lose confidence then the motivation to workout follows right behind. This is the cycle that many of us fall into. 

Meet Audrey, over the last few years she lost her energy and motivation to workout. With that she put on some weight which did not help the situation. She really despised the way she looked. Then the moment came. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is when we look in the mirror and tell ourselves that something has to be done. This moment is different for everyone and for Audrey it came in the form of an upcoming event. Her sons Bar Mitzvah was a short six months away and it was time to do something about it. This is when most people have a decision to make. You either stay where you are or you get up and do something about it. 
Audrey kept passing by the TFW on her way home from work. She had heard of the Dojo and had seen some of the before and after pictures from TFW. The idea of training there peaked her interest but just like many people looking to get back to being fit she was scared. Fear of working out is understandable especially today with all the crazy workouts we see on social media. But we should fear not working out and all the problems it could cause down the road.
Thinking that TFW may be the place for her she did what any hero does, Audrey faced her fear head on and came to the Dojo. After the initial meeting with the coaches to see what her goals were she knew that TFW Long Island was the place for her. She wanted to tone her body by building some lean muscle especially since osteoporosis ran in her family but most of all she wanted to be strong and most importantly feel good about herself. 
You won't believe what happened next. After a few months of training she lost 20 pounds and dropped over 10% body fat. These remarkable results totally transformed Audrey not only physically but mentally as well. 
  "I finally like the way my arms look, I feel good in skinny jeans and I can lift weights! I always was uncomfortable lifting weights and never knew the proper techniques but thanks to Coach Rob and Amir they work with me, correct my form and motivate me every day!"
Do you want to know Audrey's secrets to health and fitness?
Here are her keys to success...
First, stay on track! Go to the Dojo 5 days a week. 
Second, make sure you have  proper nutrition! You must watch what you eat. You need to eat healthy and clean. Veggies, good protein, and of course lots of water.  You need to be willing to give up on some things like sugar, alcohol, and late night snacking which is totally not worth it. 
Finally, the coaches, Amir and Rob,  they motivate me and they are a key to my success. They hold everyone accountable to be the best they can be. They will reach out if you miss more than 2 days and make you stay on track. 
Are you struggling like Audrey did in the past? Are you scared to start working out because you just don't know what to do? Are you looking for great results? You can achieve all of that too and transform your life. Click on the link below to get on our 8-Week Transformation Pre-Sale list.
Monday, 24 July 2017 12:09

How your goals may be killing you...

What if I told you that accomplishing a goal may not be what it’s cracked up to be? What would you say? More than likely you will think that I am crazy. Yes, this thought goes against hundreds of years of people telling us how important it is to accomplish the goals you have set. Let’s be honest right now for a moment. Ask yourself how many goals have you accomplished that you actually took the time to set? I would say that we have failed at accomplishing goals much more than attaining them and anyone that says they accomplish every goal they set is lying. Our society is filled with self-help gurus telling us the importance of setting goals and attaining them but many of them don't talk about the dark side of not. Even I have written and spoken about goal setting and its importance. I am not saying that setting goals is bad but the light has gone off in my head as I continually watch people including myself fail at attaining goals that they have set. Many times it's not because of effort or that we just made the goal impossible to attain rather it's just not reaching what we set out to do.


Goal setting can lead to a person having anxiety and ultimately becoming depressed. Obviously this is not what setting goals should do but it is a truth. I have failed at many goals in my life. Some of those times have been the darkest moments in my life. During those times I felt as though I was in a race and everyone around me was sprinting on  while I was trudging along in mud. I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders and I could never really free my mind. Those have been some of the toughest times and yes it still happens at times as the anxiety and depression creeps its way in because of the lack of attaining a goal. With the onset of anxiety one very important thing disappears, the fun. Once the fun of achieving a goal vanishes so does the actual achievement. I have also seen it with others to the point where an activity they once loved became something they despised. They became so frustrated with the goal that they stopped having fun. The smiles disappeared and the motivation to achieve the goal went right out the window. All of this because of a goal that was set was never attained.


I have a new secret weapon in the war against goals. It's called the Pause Button. What if I told you that it was ok to hit the Pause Button on your goals? Hitting pause could be a game changer in the world of achieving goals. What does hitting pause do? First, it allows us to take a step back and detach ourselves from the goal and the situation. This will allow us to take a look at the goal with an outsider's point of view. Doing this will let us see mistakes we may have not caught before. It also allows many times to come up with a different strategy to achieve the goal. Second, hitting the pause button allows us to take a recovery period from the goal. It becomes almost like a vacation from the goal. It lets us refresh ourselves and gain some energy back from the daily grind. Third, when we take a break from our goal we can also reassess what we are doing. Sometimes what we originally thought was a goal changes. It’s ok to change our goals. Our mindset changes over time so why would it be different with the goals that we set. If the goal we set is not what we want currently then why go for it. This will only waste your time and make you even more frustrated.


While we are in the freeze we learn how to do the most important thing, have fun again.  I suggest not to start attacking the goal until you are having fun with it again. Trying to reach a goal and not having fun just becomes another job and really who needs one of those.Once fun is attained again then it's time to do one more thing. That is set your mind to just improving not attaining. Small improvements over time gets you one step closer to the goal without even telling your mind you are going for it. We are always seeking instant gratification. We want to accomplish the things we set out to do as fast as possible. We should be thinking about the long game rather than the short. There is no rush. The object is to keep a nice steady pace towards our goal. Take your time and remember it is ok to take a break once in awhile who knows it may get you there faster.

Friday, 09 June 2017 20:52

Do you put it in the books?

If you are a baseball fan particularly a New York Mets fan then you will know the name Howie Rose. At the conclusion of each Mets victory Rose has a signature line that he says, “Put it in the books!” Basically the meaning behind the line is that the game is over and done with. It means that both teams came together, played a game and finished it. In the last year of coaching the phrase has come to have a little bit of a different meaning to me and how I coach people. What is the biggest excuse that people have for not getting in shape? More than likely you have heard this next phrase often, ‘I don’t have the time’. Now I completely get that we live in a world now where we are very busy. Between full time jobs, commuting to and from that job then getting home to drive your kids to all the extracurricular activities only to get home and have to cook dinner do the laundry and all the other chores necessary to run a household, it’s no wonder that not having time is the biggest excuse for not getting to the gym. This is where my variation of the meaning of put it in the books come into play.



I really can’t blame anyone that says that they don’t have time to workout, the different media outlets from print to all the different social media posts that you see can contribute to making it seem that in order to be in shape you need to be working out all the time. I am here to tell you different. We don’t need to put in crazy hours of working out to get in shape. In fact I have seen people come through TFW Long Island that claimed they worked out every day and did not have the results to show for it. In order to get in fit we need to just start doing something and when we are done putting it in the books. Workouts don’t have to be crazy to the point where you are puking you just have to get the workouts in. You show up to the gym or wherever you plan to train and you give your best effort you can and just put it in. If it’s a half hour here, an hour there or even ten minutes because you really under time constraints the point of Put It In The Books is to just keep moving and putting in the work necessary to get fit.



Three Ways to Put it in the Books:



  1. Get that early morning workout in: Sometimes after a long day of work the last thing we want to do is go to the gym or workout. Want to combat that feeling? Get up early and get your training in. If you know that you are going to have a long day and the probability of working out is low for later on in the day, wake up a bit earlier and do something at home. Get some mobility work in, do some calisthenics, get to the track as the sun is coming up and get those sprints in. Working out in the morning can set you up for a great day. First, working out later in the day will not stress you out. Second, you will have boundless energy. Yes you are getting up early and you may be tired but that means one thing, stop watching the Real Housewives of Orange County and get to sleep earlier. Finally, getting in that early morning workout will set you up for success when it comes to eating the right thing the rest of the day. After training hard in the morning the last thing that you want to do is ruin it by eating that footlong sub or that entire pie of pizza for lunch. You won’t want to waste your workout and the struggle of getting up early on a bad food choice. Even if it’s for ten minutes in the morning when you know you can’t later on will go a long way in achieving your fitness goal. This is a perfect example of put it in the books. Do what you have to and get it in.



  1. Schedule your workouts in your calendar: Talk about put it in the books. When you schedule your workouts in your calendar you are doing just that. Open up your phone, go to the calendar and put in the times that you are going to the gym or doing your morning workout. Treat your workouts like a doctor's appointment. Do you make appointments for the doctor and cancel? No. So you will begin to treat your workouts in the same manner. If it’s scheduled and your life is planned around your workout then you will not miss it. Add all these scheduled sessions up and at the end of the year you will have one thing, RESULTS!



  1. Do something: I don’t care if it’s going for a walk, or even carrying something heavy while on that walk. Do something! Have kids? Go to the playground and do some training there. Pushups, chinups, monkey bars, dips, or even playing tag with your kids will get the heart rate up and get you in shape. Many people feel that exercise always has to be programmed and structured. Think about working out as play time and you will change your mind frame. Even when you step foot in the gym to workout think of it as your time to play. The bottom line is to do something as often as possible during the weeks, months and year and you will see dramatic improvement in your physical and mental life.



This day in age fitness can be stressful. We all have crazy lives it’s just the way of the world. Getting fit is just another stressor that can put you over the top. Fitness should be the thing that relieves stress. The put it in the books theory doesn’t allow us to stress about fitness.  It allows you to take your fitness day by day workout by workout, movement by movement and at the end of the day just put it in the books.

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Wednesday, 10 May 2017 22:02

Prepare to fail...

When people hear the word failure the first thing that comes to mind is more than likely something negative. The word itself can bring back images of a time in your life when things were not going the way you wanted them to. Think about when you took a test in school. A few days later the teacher would walk past your desk and place your test face down on the desk. Most times this would signify that you did not do as well as your were supposed to. You would flip the edge of the test up and take a peak so your fellow classmates could not see what you received. You would take a quick peek knowing what you were going to see but hoping for something else. There it was a big fat F. When you saw it disappointment spread across your being and the fact that you had to bring this test home to get signed by a parent did not help the situation. The anxiety grew all day as you headed home because you felt shame about failing. This is how many of us were raised, to fear failure and to look down upon it.


What if I told you a different story about failure? What if I told you that you should think about failure in more of a positive way? What if I told you that you should embrace failure for all it’s importance? Would you believe me or would you go on believing that failure is a horrible thing? I am here to tell you that failure is a good thing and very important to your life.


Let’s go back to our above example of when we were in school. After the disappointment wore off from the failure what did most of us do? Usually we went back made the corrections on the test and learned from what we did wrong in order to improve the next time. This is why failure is so important. Failure is the thing that makes us all better but only if we allow it to. Some people may never learn to use failure as a stepping stone while others will use it to grow and improve their situation. If you are the latter then you also know that you will fail more than you will succeed in life. Those that are always successful and do not face the adversity of failure usually come face to face with the hard fact that life is not as easy as they thought and have a hard time with the transition.


Failure is something that we may need more in our life. For many of us, we are in the place we are because of failure. We may be rock bottom right after a current failure, or we may be working our way out of a failing situation or we may have conquered the failure but wherever we are it is as a result of some type of failure. If you have failed at living a healthy lifestyle and want to change then you join a gym. The gym is your starting point to get past the failure. The failure drove you to this point in your life where you have had enough and want to change. This is when you decided to do something about it and get back on track to becoming healthy again. The failure drove you there. Failure will be one of the things that drives us towards our goals.


Instead of being afraid to fail, embrace failure, see it as a stepping stone to greatness. The failure is going to make us much stronger, it’s going to make us mentally stronger, it’s what's going to create our fortitude because when you fail, it’s the opportunity to grow from it. We can fail at many things in our lives and let it conquer us or we can use the drive from the failure to work harder towards our goals and achieve what we want. The more often we fail the easier it becomes to learn from it and use it as an opportunity for growth. These are the times where we learn the most not only about the situation we are dealt but more importantly about ourselves. We cannot hide from failure, it will seek us out and we should not run from it. When failure rears it head embrace it and use it for the motivation to become the best that you can be.

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Sometimes the big secret to doing something is just showing up.  In this article from TFW Founder, Martin Rooney, he will help you overcome the possible fear and doubt you may currently have about joining a fitness program.  Enjoy the article and I hope you find what you should really be fearful of.


People are naturally afraid of things like heights, snakes and spiders.  Put most children and adults up on something really high or hand them a python and they will give you the same reaction.

Fortunately for you (unless you are a skydiver or collector of reptiles,) you probably don’t have to elicit these inborn fear responses very often.

Unfortunately for you, however, since there are centers of your brain always on the hunt for things of which to be afraid, when old fears start to disappear from your life, your brain is excellent at creating new ones.

I see this fear creation ability first hand at almost every gym I visit around the world. Recently we held an orientation for the new members of our TFW program. I thought this hour-long event was to introduce and explain to the 25 new people about the program and how to best benefit from the training, but I was wrong. Instead, I realized I had to remove the fear all of these people have about joining and participating in an exercise program.


How did I know?

Terror is easy to read on the faces of your audience when you are standing in front of them. A new member of a fitness program is easy to spot. When the new members entered the building last night, I could immediately recognize most of them were anxious.

Unlike walking into a movie theater, restaurant, or mall for the first time, these people were downright apprehensive. I was saddened when I saw this behavior, because I realized the current message about exercise being portrayed to people must be too “extreme,” “insane,” and “hardcore.”

Gone are the days that people gladly get a new pair of running shoes, an outfit and join the gym. Now people procrastinate searching the web about training only to get terrified and confused by the concept of having to go “Paleo” and the prospect of tearing off the palm of your hand after switching to “beast mode.”


To be clear, exercise is not scary.  And at TFW we will prove it.

You see, sitting on the couch and eating fast food is scary.  Lifting a bar with weights off the floor while working out is not dangerous.  Lifting too much food to your mouth without working out is dangerous.


Running, jumping and sweating is not going to disable you.  

Cancer, diabetes and heart disease will disable you.  


Click the image below to download the 10 Reasons Why You Should Drop 10 - 15 Pounds


Fitness is not the enemy here.  Obesity (which can be the cause of all the other diseases I mentioned) is the enemy here and I want you to be more afraid of that.

During the evening, as I talked about the expectations for the program, I could see the fear start to melt away.  The initial anxious scowls were turned into optimistic smiles.


But I had to wonder:


What about all the people that didn’t come tonight because they were too afraid?  What about the people around the world that walk up to a gym door, but can’t muster the courage to open it and walk in?

That was the moment I knew I had to write this in hopes at least one reader is empowered to use the “Most Important Aspect of a Successful Fitness Program.

The highlight of the orientation was not me presenting, but my wife and another TFW veteran named Michael sharing the results our program has produced for them.  Both testimonials about how the program has helped them in terms of weight loss, muscle gain and the reduction of health risks was valuable, but each of them shared the secret to succeeding at anything:




Michael let the group know he spends his days driving for work and had gained over 50 pounds.  He knew he was eating the wrong things. He knew exercise was important.  He heard it from both his doctor and his kids.

Notches on his belts his tailor was telling him too. But he said nothing happened until he committed and SHOWED UP the first day.  My wife shared similar challenges and just the simple action of SHOWING UP wiped that fear away enough to let her get started.

Do any of these make you nervous about starting something new?


Fear of Failure

Fear of Change

Fear of Injury

Fear of Rejection

Fear of Reality


If you are fearful about starting anything new like a fitness program, career choice, musical instrument or even writing a blog, the secret of SHOWING UP will make those nerves go away. Action is the magical cure to your fears and you don’t need a prescription to get it.  Action is where the fear ends and the excitement begins.


SHOW UP and you can no longer let the first step be what’s holding you back.

SHOW UP and your calling, art, passion becomes more believable.

SHOW UP and your potential will start to come through.


The first thing I did at the orientation was congratulate the attendees on his or her courage.  When they looked back quizzically, I reminded them they had already taken the most courageous step: they SHOWED UP.

Now I am challenging you. You are letting your fears hold you back from something.  Whether it is your fitness, family, work or passion, you know the world is waiting for more.  At Training For Warriors, we ask you to be a warrior.


A warrior is defined as a fighter.

A warrior is also defined as being brave.

And bravery is not the absence of fear, it is SHOWING UP in spite of it.


Time to SHOW UP,


Do you want to learn how to drop 10-15 pounds? Looking to start a fitness program?

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Do you have difficulty selecting the right kind and amounts of food to eat throughout the day?  If so, you will want to read this article from TFW Founder, Martin Rooney about the secret question he discovered to solve all your nutrition and diet issues.  Answer the question correctly and watch your life change.

As a “fitness guy,” you might think working out and eating right is easy for me.  Maybe you believe I spend my time in between multiple workouts a day eating brussel sprouts and grilled chicken with nothing but a smile on my face because of some enhanced ability to delay gratification.

Perhaps you imagine I am also impervious to the confusion caused by the latest diet fad and just munch on celery sticks while dreaming up my next warrior workout.

I wish I could say I you’re right, but I can’t.

Just like you, I face daily challenges in terms of my health and fitness.  My biggest health challenge isn’t getting to the gym.

To be honest, my toughest health obstacle has to do with my eating.


Click the image below to download the 5 TFW Weight Loss Myths 



But just like I love to train, I also love to eat.

When it comes to eating, however, satisfying my body and mind is not so easy.  I have learned overloading your plate isn’t as positive as overloading your deadlift.

If you also have some challenges with your eating, I have great news!

I have a way to help.  Before I give you the answer, I want to ask you 10 QUESTIONS about your past diet practices:

Have you ever eaten too much only ask “Why did I just do that?”

Have you ever found it difficult to stop eating until your plate is empty?

Do you ever select a restaurant according to how much food you get per serving?

Do you ever eat so fast you didn’t even notice the taste or texture of the food?

Do you care less about the quality of your food as the amount increases?  (Buffet anyone?)

 Do you find yourself snacking at work because food is there?

Do you ever eat out of boredom? 

Do you find yourself eating for entertainment or out of emotion?

Do you ever feel bad or guilty about the things you ate?

Is your family or social life centered around food or drink consumption?


If you answered “yes” to any (or many) of the QUESTIONS above, you are just like me.

I have been a culprit of eating too much, thinking consistent exercise was a license to eat whatever I wanted, eating when I was distracted, inhaling jars of “natural” peanut butter because I thought it was healthy, and racing up for seconds to make sure I got as much food as possible before I got full.

I have realized I have some mental programs that create challenges with my eating. If you answered “yes” to some of the questions above, maybe you have some bad eating programs too.

Why do you have these mental programs about eating?

You can blame your post-Depression era parents or grandparents.

You can blame the marketers and the fast food companies.

You can blame the starving people from around the world you were warned about as a child.

Go ahead.  Blame the carbs.

Blame the fats.

But that won’t help you.

You need to do something to “change the program” and I have one 

QUESTION that can help.

This is the QUESTION I now ask before every meal and it is helping me.

This QUESTION helps me to take and eat less food.

This QUESTION allows me to leave something on my plate.

This QUESTION taught me not having seconds is ok.

This QUESTION stops me from stuffing myself when I am no longer hungry.

This QUESTION has been so powerful for me, I want to give this gift to you.



How does it work?

Right before you are about to eat, ask yourself the QUESTION.  If you decide you are feeding your mind, make the appropriate changes, omissions or additions to your meal.

Answering honestly will help you to determine whether the food choice is right, the amount of food is right, and if the timing of the food is right for your body.

Face it, you already have all the answers.

You know what is and is not good for your body and when you need to eat.  Use the QUESTION so your mind doesn’t allow you to act confused.  Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Meats, Water.  Start there and feed your body before your mind worries you about the difficulty with going gluten-free.

Food is a drug.

People who have overcome challenges with drugs still face those challenges every day.  The plan to stay drug-free is simple:

Use effective strategies to avoid bad habits and take it one day at a time.  

For your challenges with food, take one meal at a time.  The effective strategy is to ask, answer and adapt to THE QUESTION.

Now I know you may have one QUESTION of your own:

Is it ever ok to feed my mind?”  My answer is, “of course.”

Whether you want to call it a cheat meal, a treat or a sweet indulgence, I think you need to keep your mind happy too.

But this is not a license to allow your mind to destroy your body.  

Constantly indulging your mind at the expense of your body is not the answer.

If you have a sweet tooth, have a taste of chocolate, not the whole bar.

If you like steak, cut it in smaller pieces and save some for later.

Want some ice cream? Have a small cone, not the whole gallon.

But which ever you choose, when you are treating your mind, do not forget to ask yourself the QUESTION.

Can it be that simple?  

Give it a try and see for yourself.

Are You Feeding Your Body Or Your Mind?

The answer could set you free,


Do you need help with any of these tips? Looking to start a fitness program?

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