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How to burn fat by just being real with yourself...

Written by Amir Lamdan

One of the biggest things that I deal with as a gym owner and as a fitness coach is when people come in and one of their first questions is, what type results should I expect? The answer generally is, the results you're going to get are the type of results you're going to put in. Being realistic with your goals is a huge thing in what you want to achieve. Understanding that if you're coming and you're already in your mid 30s or in your early 40s or past that, that starting a fitness journey is not going to be a 21-day fix, a 28-day challenge or an 8-week program. Training is a lifestyle, if you have a lot of bad habits, those are habits that we have to change. The more bad habits that there are of the longer the journey will be depending on your mindset.  Obviously, the worse the habit, the more drastic of a change it's going to take.


For example, if you drink soda every single day and want to lose 20 lbs in a month, quitting soda will probably be a huge step to losing those 20 lbs. If you want to lose 20 lbs and you're not willing to give up that soda chances are, that you're not serious.  If you want to look like somebody that's 20 lbs lighter, chances are they are not drinking soda. You have to understand that looking good, feeling good has to do with what you do on a daily basis. If you're eating bacon with eggs and a bagel for a breakfast, over time it is going to create a massive amount of unhealthy gut issues. Stopping to eat it is not going to be a quick fix because your sugar levels have to balance back out from all the sugar that you were taking in from the simple carbohydrates.


Whether it's weight loss or any other type of goal, you have to be realistic with it. You have to understand that it’s not going to happen overnight. You can't just think it's going to happen. You have to take the action but you have to be consistent with it and then analyze. You need to analyze what you're doing, what's going on, what type of results you're getting. If you are not seeing the results then you need to analyze where it is going wrong.  If you are taking action but you're not getting results, what is it that is going wrong? For example many people will go to the gym and hit the treadmill or take the same class for an extended period of time, then all of a sudden, their results stop. They're not seeing the results they were seeing in the beginning. That means something in their strategy needs to change. If they are  not changing it, then they are not going to get the results they seek. It’s not action alone that net you the results, it's action plus the correct strategy that will get you what you want.


For example, you could be eating only vegetables and you're going to be losing a lot of fat but if you're trying to build muscle, then you're missing a huge portion of the nutrition aspect and that's protein the building block of muscle. Understand that when it comes to anything that has to be done, there is a method to it. It can’t just be done without some sort of plan or method. Understanding that method, applying that method and then analyzing it to see if it's taking you where you want to go are steps that need to be taken on the journey. If the method is not working then you have to be realistic and may have to bail on what you're doing and try something different.


If you are looking to get fit and healthy joining a gym is one of the steps in the process. The gym you join depends on you but in reality it doesn't matter unless you have a real goal. If you know what to do as far as exercising and you're driven, you can join a $30 a month gym and see what kind of results you get but you have to be realistic about it. If you don't know what you're doing, chances are you're going to have to spend more money either on a personal trainer or coming into a group fitness facility where there is a coach that's going to show you what to do.


Be realistic with that as well or your nutrition. If you're not eating throughout the entire day and then you eat one meal at the end of the day there is no way you are getting the proper nutrition that you need to facilitate fat loss. You're going to have to learn how to eat more meals whether it is through proper meal preparation or supplementation.


The bottom line is what are you doing to figure out how to achieve the goal that you want? It is the simple things over time that will get the biggest results. Be realistic with what it is that you are going to do to make the change. Don't say, "I'm going to give up going out and drinking liquor." If you are drinking wine every night, chances are, you're not going to just cut it out in your diet. You're going to probably still drink once or twice a week. Say to yourself, "You know what? I'm only going to allow myself to drink one night on the weekend or one night during the week." Be realistic with it.


Once you start to see that you can begin to create those little realistic goals, then you will start to see the results and you start to push towards more difficult challenges. That's when you start to persevere. It's when you challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone, that's when you're going to start to see those goals but you have to, again, be realistic with what it is that you want to achieve.

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