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How to increase you positivity

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Throughout the annals of time there have been many stories of how people have used a positive attitude to conquer insurmountable odds. We have heard of great military leaders overcoming odds to inspire their troops to defeat an enemy that at the time seemed like an impossible task. How about the person diagnosed with only weeks to live but decides to not listen to the naysayers and continues to live in spite of what doctors tell them. How do these people overcome such great odds? How is it that they stay so positive and are able to achieve so much with so little? It is all in the attitude they bring to their daily life.

Maybe you have heard it countless times in your life to stay positive or have a good attitude. You probably have seen it many times a friend, family member or even yourself. Something goes wrong and they immediately crawl up in defense mode and start with the poor me attitude or just start thinking negative. There are many cases where just a couple of bad situations can lead someone down the road of depression and not feeling the best about themselves or where they are in life.

Then you have the friend, who no matter what is happening is always positive and they are the ones telling you to just keep your head up and have a good attitude. In your mind you are thinking how does this person continue with the positive attitude all the time. They must be either crazy or lying about how they truly feel in a given situation.

If you are the type of person that feels this friend is full of it or has a hard time having a positive attitude there are a few things that can help turn your misfortune into a positive situation.

Three ways on how to have a positive attitude.

1. Surround yourself with people that care about you

When you are down and things have gone wrong who do you turn to? Do you have that constant friend that can always seem to bring you out of the dumps and get you back on the positive thinking train? Family and friends that care for you should always be on your list of people to talk to when you are not feeling as positive as you should. Having a solid foundation of friends and family will always pull you out of the negative situation you are in.

Now it is time to take a look at those people you surround yourself with and ask the following; Do these people have a positive impact on my life? If not then why do I continue to keep them around in my life? Now yes getting rid of family is not so easy but having less contact with people that bring you down will always allow you to rise up and continue on with that positive attitude. Make a list of the three people that are the most positive in your life. When you are in a rut of negative thinking make sure to contact those people to help you.

2. Find the Positive

Number two is challenging but can be done with thought. In every bad situation there is at least one positive thing you can pull out of it. Your challenge is to find this one positive thing in the situation at hand. Many times it will take deep reflection and contemplation on your part but it is well worth it. Those that reflect on their lives daily will naturally lead a happier life and be more positive. Think of something in your past that had you down. Now reflect on it and pull the one positive thing out of the situation that would have helped have a positive attitude.

3. Learn from it

The third way that can help you stay positive in any situation is the game changer. If you are not in the right frame of mind and the negative attitude is rearing it’s ugly head you need will need to again take a step back but this time ask the following questions that will allow you to change your attitude. Why do I have this negative attitude? What can I learn from the situation? Once you have answered the two questions have your negative emotion and then let it go. Most times it is as easy as learning having an emotion and then immediately start thinking positive.

You have to realize that we are not all perfect; we will have our moments when our attitude is not what we want it to be. Take action on the steps above and I know that the negative attitude moments will be diminished which will put in a positive mind frame that will make you happy and the others around you happy.


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