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When people hear the word failure the first thing that comes to mind is more than likely something negative. The word itself can bring back images of a time in your life when things were not going the way you wanted them to. Think about when you took a test in school. A few days later the teacher would walk past your desk and place your test face down on the desk. Most times this would signify that you did not do as well as your were supposed to. You would flip the edge of the test up and take a peak so your fellow classmates could not see what you received. You would take a quick peek knowing what you were going to see but hoping for something else. There it was a big fat F. When you saw it disappointment spread across your being and the fact that you had to bring this test home to get signed by a parent did not help the situation. The anxiety grew all day as you headed home because you felt shame about failing. This is how many of us were raised, to fear failure and to look down upon it.


What if I told you a different story about failure? What if I told you that you should think about failure in more of a positive way? What if I told you that you should embrace failure for all it’s importance? Would you believe me or would you go on believing that failure is a horrible thing? I am here to tell you that failure is a good thing and very important to your life.


Let’s go back to our above example of when we were in school. After the disappointment wore off from the failure what did most of us do? Usually we went back made the corrections on the test and learned from what we did wrong in order to improve the next time. This is why failure is so important. Failure is the thing that makes us all better but only if we allow it to. Some people may never learn to use failure as a stepping stone while others will use it to grow and improve their situation. If you are the latter then you also know that you will fail more than you will succeed in life. Those that are always successful and do not face the adversity of failure usually come face to face with the hard fact that life is not as easy as they thought and have a hard time with the transition.


Failure is something that we may need more in our life. For many of us, we are in the place we are because of failure. We may be rock bottom right after a current failure, or we may be working our way out of a failing situation or we may have conquered the failure but wherever we are it is as a result of some type of failure. If you have failed at living a healthy lifestyle and want to change then you join a gym. The gym is your starting point to get past the failure. The failure drove you to this point in your life where you have had enough and want to change. This is when you decided to do something about it and get back on track to becoming healthy again. The failure drove you there. Failure will be one of the things that drives us towards our goals.


Instead of being afraid to fail, embrace failure, see it as a stepping stone to greatness. The failure is going to make us much stronger, it’s going to make us mentally stronger, it’s what's going to create our fortitude because when you fail, it’s the opportunity to grow from it. We can fail at many things in our lives and let it conquer us or we can use the drive from the failure to work harder towards our goals and achieve what we want. The more often we fail the easier it becomes to learn from it and use it as an opportunity for growth. These are the times where we learn the most not only about the situation we are dealt but more importantly about ourselves. We cannot hide from failure, it will seek us out and we should not run from it. When failure rears it head embrace it and use it for the motivation to become the best that you can be.

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