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Do you put it in the books?

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If you are a baseball fan particularly a New York Mets fan then you will know the name Howie Rose. At the conclusion of each Mets victory Rose has a signature line that he says, “Put it in the books!” Basically the meaning behind the line is that the game is over and done with. It means that both teams came together, played a game and finished it. In the last year of coaching the phrase has come to have a little bit of a different meaning to me and how I coach people. What is the biggest excuse that people have for not getting in shape? More than likely you have heard this next phrase often, ‘I don’t have the time’. Now I completely get that we live in a world now where we are very busy. Between full time jobs, commuting to and from that job then getting home to drive your kids to all the extracurricular activities only to get home and have to cook dinner do the laundry and all the other chores necessary to run a household, it’s no wonder that not having time is the biggest excuse for not getting to the gym. This is where my variation of the meaning of put it in the books come into play.



I really can’t blame anyone that says that they don’t have time to workout, the different media outlets from print to all the different social media posts that you see can contribute to making it seem that in order to be in shape you need to be working out all the time. I am here to tell you different. We don’t need to put in crazy hours of working out to get in shape. In fact I have seen people come through TFW Long Island that claimed they worked out every day and did not have the results to show for it. In order to get in fit we need to just start doing something and when we are done putting it in the books. Workouts don’t have to be crazy to the point where you are puking you just have to get the workouts in. You show up to the gym or wherever you plan to train and you give your best effort you can and just put it in. If it’s a half hour here, an hour there or even ten minutes because you really under time constraints the point of Put It In The Books is to just keep moving and putting in the work necessary to get fit.



Three Ways to Put it in the Books:



  1. Get that early morning workout in: Sometimes after a long day of work the last thing we want to do is go to the gym or workout. Want to combat that feeling? Get up early and get your training in. If you know that you are going to have a long day and the probability of working out is low for later on in the day, wake up a bit earlier and do something at home. Get some mobility work in, do some calisthenics, get to the track as the sun is coming up and get those sprints in. Working out in the morning can set you up for a great day. First, working out later in the day will not stress you out. Second, you will have boundless energy. Yes you are getting up early and you may be tired but that means one thing, stop watching the Real Housewives of Orange County and get to sleep earlier. Finally, getting in that early morning workout will set you up for success when it comes to eating the right thing the rest of the day. After training hard in the morning the last thing that you want to do is ruin it by eating that footlong sub or that entire pie of pizza for lunch. You won’t want to waste your workout and the struggle of getting up early on a bad food choice. Even if it’s for ten minutes in the morning when you know you can’t later on will go a long way in achieving your fitness goal. This is a perfect example of put it in the books. Do what you have to and get it in.



  1. Schedule your workouts in your calendar: Talk about put it in the books. When you schedule your workouts in your calendar you are doing just that. Open up your phone, go to the calendar and put in the times that you are going to the gym or doing your morning workout. Treat your workouts like a doctor's appointment. Do you make appointments for the doctor and cancel? No. So you will begin to treat your workouts in the same manner. If it’s scheduled and your life is planned around your workout then you will not miss it. Add all these scheduled sessions up and at the end of the year you will have one thing, RESULTS!



  1. Do something: I don’t care if it’s going for a walk, or even carrying something heavy while on that walk. Do something! Have kids? Go to the playground and do some training there. Pushups, chinups, monkey bars, dips, or even playing tag with your kids will get the heart rate up and get you in shape. Many people feel that exercise always has to be programmed and structured. Think about working out as play time and you will change your mind frame. Even when you step foot in the gym to workout think of it as your time to play. The bottom line is to do something as often as possible during the weeks, months and year and you will see dramatic improvement in your physical and mental life.



This day in age fitness can be stressful. We all have crazy lives it’s just the way of the world. Getting fit is just another stressor that can put you over the top. Fitness should be the thing that relieves stress. The put it in the books theory doesn’t allow us to stress about fitness.  It allows you to take your fitness day by day workout by workout, movement by movement and at the end of the day just put it in the books.

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