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Is your life an Illusion?

Written by Amir Lamdan

While on vacation in California my wife and I decided to take a walk along the Santa Barbara pier. It was a beautiful day out as the wind blew in off the coast. As we were walking there was a crowd gathered up ahead. When we got closer we realized there was a magician getting ready to perform a trick. The crowd was pretty large as he began his performance. As he began the performance he told the crowd that during the trick he was going to reveal 7 secrets. Now this caught my attention and I was not only intrigued by what the trick was but who wouldn’t want to learn seven secrets. 

As he began the trick he revealed the first secret, which he called The Dream. Some in the crowd grew excited while others started to walk away. Maybe they had somewhere else to be or got sidetracked but either way they had left the scene of the trick. The anticipation for those that stayed grew as he continued with the trick and revealed some of the other secrets which were The Desire, Imagination, and Illusion. But with every step of the performance the large crowd that was there originally had dissipated to only a few remaining people. I was wondering why people were leaving. Finally he finished the trick and there was not much left of a crowd he revealed his the final two secrets, The Law of Attraction and Don’t let the Illusions take you out. 


Don’t Let the Illusions Take you out of it:


This is where it dawned on me that the magician wasn’t only performing his trick he was also giving those that stayed a life lesson. The seven secrets that he revealed during his performance were in fact how many people live their lives. All of us have goals of doing great things, from getting in shape, to starting a business but whatever it is we all set them. What usually happens is that we let the Illusions take us out just like the crowd that had gathered.  When we start out on the journey towards the goals that we have made we are very excited. It’s the Dream that the magician was referring to. Who doesn’t get excited about their goals and dreams? Along the journey the other secrets he mentioned do show up, our desire to make it happen, our imagination gets peaked but with that also comes the Illusions. These are the distractions. The distractions are what makes the crowd start to walk away. Have you ever started on a path towards a goal only to walk away from it halfway through the journey? Just like the crowd that walked away at different points of the trick we do the same during our own lives when we set goals. 

When we are on our path towards our goals there are always going to be illusions which show up in the form of distractions. Some of these distractions are small some are large but no matter what they will knock you off track and make you want to quit just like those that had gathered for the magic trick only to have left before the performance was done. There are going to be different illusions, different parts of our lives that are going to distract us from what our initial goals are.  Sometimes we may get distracted to the point where we lose sight of where we want to get to. Then we quit, many times right before the big reveal is about to happen never really enjoying the fruits of our labor. The world would be filled with more people that attained their goals if they had not quit right before the end result was there. 


 How can we combat the illusions?


In order to win the battle against the illusions in life you need to know your WHY. When you have a WHY behind the goals that you have set then it’s easier to confront the distractions and illusions that come along the way. 

A strong WHY will allow you to focus on the goal that is so important. It will not allow you to lose track and keep you on the path that  you're headed on. Just say you get knocked off track by an illusion a strong WHY will get you back on track to finish your magic trick. In order to finish the goals that you have set then you need to enjoy the magic. You need to enjoy the ups and downs that life will throw at you along the journey. There are going to be many illusions along the way, how big your why is will determine if you see the end of the trick.


Check out the entire magic trick below...





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