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How I Lost 20 Pounds and Started Feeling Great About Myself...

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When you are not happy with the way you look you lose confidence. Confidence is one of the worst things that you can lose. Once you lose confidence then the motivation to workout follows right behind. This is the cycle that many of us fall into. 

Meet Audrey, over the last few years she lost her energy and motivation to workout. With that she put on some weight which did not help the situation. She really despised the way she looked. Then the moment came. This is where the rubber meets the road. This is when we look in the mirror and tell ourselves that something has to be done. This moment is different for everyone and for Audrey it came in the form of an upcoming event. Her sons Bar Mitzvah was a short six months away and it was time to do something about it. This is when most people have a decision to make. You either stay where you are or you get up and do something about it. 
Audrey kept passing by the TFW on her way home from work. She had heard of the Dojo and had seen some of the before and after pictures from TFW. The idea of training there peaked her interest but just like many people looking to get back to being fit she was scared. Fear of working out is understandable especially today with all the crazy workouts we see on social media. But we should fear not working out and all the problems it could cause down the road.
Thinking that TFW may be the place for her she did what any hero does, Audrey faced her fear head on and came to the Dojo. After the initial meeting with the coaches to see what her goals were she knew that TFW Long Island was the place for her. She wanted to tone her body by building some lean muscle especially since osteoporosis ran in her family but most of all she wanted to be strong and most importantly feel good about herself. 
You won't believe what happened next. After a few months of training she lost 20 pounds and dropped over 10% body fat. These remarkable results totally transformed Audrey not only physically but mentally as well. 
  "I finally like the way my arms look, I feel good in skinny jeans and I can lift weights! I always was uncomfortable lifting weights and never knew the proper techniques but thanks to Coach Rob and Amir they work with me, correct my form and motivate me every day!"
Do you want to know Audrey's secrets to health and fitness?
Here are her keys to success...
First, stay on track! Go to the Dojo 5 days a week. 
Second, make sure you have  proper nutrition! You must watch what you eat. You need to eat healthy and clean. Veggies, good protein, and of course lots of water.  You need to be willing to give up on some things like sugar, alcohol, and late night snacking which is totally not worth it. 
Finally, the coaches, Amir and Rob,  they motivate me and they are a key to my success. They hold everyone accountable to be the best they can be. They will reach out if you miss more than 2 days and make you stay on track. 
Are you struggling like Audrey did in the past? Are you scared to start working out because you just don't know what to do? Are you looking for great results? You can achieve all of that too and transform your life. Click on the link below to get on our 8-Week Transformation Pre-Sale list.
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