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“You’re skinny, you don’t have to workout.” Maybe you have heard these words before, and yes while it’s nice to hear that you look like you are in good shape because you are skinny, you know the real truth. Skinny doesn’t mean you are in shape and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are healthy. Rob was that “skinny guy”, the one that people said didn’t have to workout. Deep down, however, he knew that he was in poor cardiovascular shape and at the time had suffered with a couple of episodes of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Compound that with the fact that he paid little attention to his nutrition, he knew that it was time for a change. He not only wanted to get healthy but become stronger and get back that step he once had when he played sports.


Today in the fitness world group classes are the thing. People enjoy working out with others and being part of something bigger. Lucky for Rob, he had two good friends that were already part of the TFW Long Island family. He saw the initial results that they had got and it was a no brainer to come down and try a class. After the coach put him through the warm-up he realized how much he needed a gym like this and was excited to start his fitness journey. As he started the journey he got hooked. This often happens when a person begins to train and gets the desired outcomes. As a result he has made it a priority to get to the gym 4-5 a week and with each visit he is always looking to improve himself.


Most people initially judge their results after joining a gym based on how much weight they lose. Heroes on the other hand make those judgements based on other things. “While there will always be personal bests to achieve and weight to be lost, the greatest result is how I good I feel and the actual physical exertion I now enjoy.” If that’s not enough Rob has grown to love the process of training. He has grown to love sprinting and lifting heavy weights saying that they give him a natural high. He is always asking questions in order to improve his technique on certain exercises and never the one to take the easy way out. Rob pushes himself each and every workout and it shows. In June of 2016,he put a major check mark on the board when he completed his first Spartan Race all while helping others finish as well.


“I was psyched for the Spartan Race and it was one of the most physically demanding things I have ever done. I loved going primal especially on the barbed wire crawl. I could not have done the first one or similar adventures if it weren’t for my time at TFW.”  This race gave him the fuel to set a goal of completing a Spartan Race on his own for time.


How did Rob get such amazing results? Here are his three tips to having a successful transformation.


  1. For me transformation was about changing my lifestyle for the long term. A transformation is a journey, it doesn’t just end after 8 weeks a true transformation happens over a lifetime.

  2. What’s helping me on this journey the most are having caring and knowledgeable coaches, without them none of this would have been possible. It’s not only the coaches, it’s the community in the gym, all my TFW friends, it’s like having an entire team behind me.

  3. Finally, paying attention to my nutrition in more detail has been the game changer. I’m learning that ice cream is not it’s own essential food group.


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