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Is your job taking over your health? Take it back now...

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Does your career seem to take over your life? If you are like the majority of people in the world your work/life balance is usually tilted in the favor of more work less play. The massive amounts of time you spend at work takes away from all the other important things in your life. While things at the office are getting done and your professional life is looking good your health takes a back seat. Weeks pass then months pass by and you have not done anything to improve your health. This downward spiral can be disastrous to your health.


Meet Vasant, who had always been active and enjoyed running but he too fell into the trap of work life taking over his health. As the stresses mounted at work Vasant found himself distancing himself from being healthy. He knew that he had to change his priorities quickly before an unhealthy life would take over. Making getting to the gym a priority is important. You can make visits to the gym a property now or the doctor's office will become a priority in the future. Lucky for Vasant his wife was a student at TFW Long Island and was getting great results. Many times it is difficult to walk into a gym but when you see your wife getting strong and making positive changes it becomes easier.


“I looked forward to going to the gym.”


The problem many times when people join a gym is that they are overwhelmed. They walk in and see all this equipment and freeze. They look for the easiest thing to do which usually is jumping on a treadmill and running. After a while of doing the same routine everyday the gym becomes a drag. After becoming a student at TFW the gym no longer became a drag for Vasant. He enjoys training in the group classes as if he was part of a team. This keeps the training fun and forms a bond between people who are same journey towards the same goals.


The other aspect that he likes is the coaching. “I like the way the coaches correct you.” Having coaches on the floor at all times to help is one of the main reasons for such great results. You can go years to the gym and be doing things wrong. It’s not until you have the right guidance that you start getting what you are looking for.


With the coaching als comes the accountability. When there is someone checking to make sure you are doing the right things and staying on track results are easier to come by. Over the last two years Vasant has built muscle and improved his endurance. “ The recent trip to Acadia, Maine was a testament to the strength and endurance I have gained. While my friends were struggling I felt as though I could go keep going.” Vasant also plays badminton on the weekends and because of his improved athleticism he was able to win the doubles tournament last year.


 If you are looking to get your health here are three tips from Vasant that can help you:


  1. Focus on the process, not results. If you are always looking towards the end of the journey you miss all the great things that you learned and accomplished throughout. The results will come when you put the effort in.

  2. It is important to set goals but you should have short term goals (which I have to get better at). For example, my goal is work out 4-5 days a week which ensures me of getting three hours of  cardio a week.

  3. Don’t be intimidated by people lifting heavier weights than you.  Each person is different. Comparing yourself to others will lead to frustration at times. People are different ages and have different abilities. There are many factors from the amount of sleep you got the night before to your nutrition for the day. If you have a bad day at the gym don’t get frustrated just keep coming back and putting in the hard work.


Do you want to take your health back? Do you want to make it a priority in your life again? Don’t wait until it is too late. Do what Vasant did and make your health a priority today. You can achieve great results and transform your life. Click the link below to get a KICKSTART on your health.


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