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Does the gym intimidate you?

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The beep of the computer signifies your admittance but only after the nod from the young girl sitting at the desk are you truly allowed in. As you enter you are greeted by that peculiar smell of sweat and iron. All day you have been thinking about your workout and as you stand there alone you still have no idea what you will do in the next hour. Bored of the same thing day in and day out you ponder a new routine. You look around to see what others are doing only to be intimidated by the large weights and the bulging muscles. You think to yourself, ‘Ok, that’s not for me, let me check out the class that is about to finish.’ Looking in you see women in their fitted workout outfits with their toned muscles. They are breathing heavily as sweat drips down their face. If they look like they are about to die imagine what’s going to happen to me. Once again fear sets in as you stand there staring into the room. The instructor catches your eye and you quickly look away hoping she doesn’t ask you to do the next class. You turn your head and there it is, old faithful, your eyes light up as to say, ‘thank you for saving me!’ You jump on and start the conveyer belt, your feet start to move and in no time you are walking and you feel right at home. But do you really? Deep down inside you know you are walking to nowhere, the land where the results you dream of die. You know there is something more out there, something for you but what is it.


Meet Lori

Does this story sound familiar? Just like so many other people that join a gym yearly only to feel scared, out of place and end up quitting, Lori had the same experience. “ I was always intimidated at the traditional gym to use the weights, sprint, or use other equipment. I mostly pushed the button on the treadmill, stairmaster or bike.” This led her to not achieve the health and fitness goals that she desired. Getting fit and healthy is not an easy task but what is easy is getting frustrated when you don’t know what to do at the gym.


Lori would make the drive past TFW Long Island on a daily basis. After being frustrated going to the traditional gym she knew that she wanted to give something new a try but she was not ready to take the next step and actually walk into the Dojo. It wasn’t until her husband joined last October that she decided that it was time to make the leap. Seeing the results pretty quickly her husband told her to come down and give the gym a try. She is now comfortable walking into the gym. The fear she once had of working out is now gone. “ Every time I walk into TFW I am not intimidated. I learn how to use the equipment correctly and with the right coaching I know I have the proper form and technique to achieve maximum benefit from exercise.”




Losing weight is usually a major goal of people when they start a fitness routine. But fitness goes well beyond that. Losing weight is great but feeling good about yourself and in general is even better. “The results I have seen are unbelievable. My body is happier, stronger and healthier.” Another great aspect of training at TFW is all the new friends that she has made.



 Training in a group setting always build bonds between people and it certainly has with Lori and the other students in the Dojo. We all have long days at work and with all the other stresses in life it is good to have a place to go where you can forget about those things for an hour and focus on yourself. “It’s awesome to walk in after a difficult day at work, listen to the coaches motivational message and have a great workout all in about one hour.”


Here are Lori’s tips that helped transform her mind and body:

  1. Most important make the time to take care of yourself. We have many responsibilities in our everyday life. You need to niche out 3-4 hours a week for yourself so you can stay fit and healthy.

  2. Making the right food choices is imperative. I now choose foods and beverages that make my body feel good. Nutrition is key to getting results.

  3. I push myself to be better everyday. If you are not striving to be better everyday then the results will come slower. Some days are easier than others but if you challenge yourself each day you have no choice but to win.



Have you had a similar experience at the gym like Lori and many others? Do you go to the gym only to be intimidated by all the equipment and never seeing the results from your hard work? If you want to get results and feel great again then click the link below to kickstart yourself. 

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