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Finally it has happened. Maybe it happened before today but today was the day that you decided to finally take action. Today was the day that you were going to finally take on the challenge of losing the weight that you have always wanted to lose and feel the way you have always wanted to feel. You know that the only way to get what you want is to take action and just get started. You pick up your phone and search for gyms in the neighborhood. After checking out a few you decide to join one that appeals to you. And thus your journey begins. You start to go gym on a regular basis and you are putting in the work, day after day. A few weeks pass by and the results just don't seem to be coming. In your head you know you are doing the work but the scale is not showing it. It begins to mess with you mentally and you start to wonder why you are going. Then the day comes, you have the plan to go to the gym but you never make it. Why? Because something else came up. Why bother going to the gym when I'm not getting the results when I can do something more fun. This is where many people fall off the wagon and the momentum they had started to create toward hitting that goal disappears. They become inconsistent with their training and then one day just stop. 

Does this sound familiar?
Meet Steve
"My biggest struggle was being consistent with diet and exercise."
Like many Steve's goal was to lose weight. He went out and joined a gym but he took the next step and found a trainer to help get the results that he wanted. After a couple of years of being on and off with the trainer, minimal results and a few injuries Steve knew that he needed something different. He needed something that would inspire him to stay consistent with his training and nutrition. "I had been on diets and working out but never really got the results 
As luck would have it, Steve's trainer decided it was time to move on to a new career. This left Steve with the problem that many face. Not knowing what to do at the gym. That paired up with his lack of results led him to become even more inconsistent with his fitness and health. But everything happens for a reason. Around the time he lost his trainer his friends were joining TFW Long Island. He and his wife decided to join their friends and as they like to say, the rest is history. 
Do you want results?
When you join a gym and you start training in a program designed to burn fat and build muscle there is no chance that the results will come. When Steve joined TFW he was at largest waist size. He went from a 42 down to a 37-38 now. "I have lost 30 pounds from my highland certainly gained more muscle mass as well." One other thing that TFW does is help make you feel better. Feeling good is not just a physical thing but also mental. "More importantly I feel so much better and am as happy go lucky as ever."
Yes, shredding fat, getting lean and feeling good are great results but at TFW it always goes deeper than the scale. For Steve this came in the form of doing something he would never have thought about doing. He completed his first Spartan Race. "I had the chance to do the Spartan Race thanks to my team at TFW.  I really didn't know what I was getting myself into at the time.  There is no better feeling in the world then that feeling of accomplishment. When I jumped over that fire and crossed the finished line it brought so many emotions to the table for me that I started to cry tears of joy.  Never in my life would I do something like this but there I was doing it, going out of my comfort zone and accomplishing something and it felt great.  Just shows that if you put your mind into something you can accomplish it."
One of the main reason for the great results is the atmosphere at TFW Long Island. Most gyms the people will not know your name never mind help push you to get to your goals. "I feel that TFW is a family rather than just another gym."
Steve's Tips for Transformation:
1. Having the discipline not only to get to the gym but also the discipline needed at home in terms of nutrition, sleep and other components that allow you to be successful.
2. Setting a goal and being persistent in achieving it. It gives you something to aim for and work for day in and day out. I am not at my goal just yet but I know I am getting closer everyday.
3. Just have fun. The typical gym can be a drag at times but at TFW it's about having serious fun. 
Have you gone to the gym in the past only to be let down and not get the results that you wanted? Do you feel like you are wasting your time when you go to the gym? If your story sounds like Steves and you want to make a change then apply for our 8-Week Transformation where you will get the results that you have always wanted. 
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