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Is Your Gym Just Average?

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Driving along in your local town you will pass by many gyms. If you peer in through the window many of the gyms look the same. You have all the shiney machines, some work your chest, some your legs while others focus on your arms. Then you have the sea of cardio equipment, from you average treadmills and ellipticals to the bike. If you look close enough this fitness world may also have a room dedicated to the hottest trend going on in fitness, the Crushing Abs class, or Body Bootcamp. Then there are the smaller type gyms that have been popping up in recent years. They have more free weights like barbells and kettlebells but again from the outside they all look similar and deliver a product that to anyone who is trying to get fit is all the same.


Meet Kathy


This is exactly what Kathy thought about every gym as well.  She believed that all gyms were created equal and who could blame her. She lacked the motivation to get into the gym and get fit  which began the slippery slope to not being in the shape that she wanted to be in. Being a working mom and her belief about all gyms she would sporadically go to the gym that she had joined even though it did not fit her schedule all the time.  When she actually did get to go the gym she didn’t have a plan. Like many people she would just jump from machine to machine and go through the motions. After a couple of visits to the gym it gets frustrating especially if you do not see the results. This on top of the fact that she never combined her nutrition and exercise together led her to quit going to the gym. Why waste your time, right?

TFW is not your Average Gym


Several months before she walked into the doors here at TFW Long Island her sister Patricia was here training hard. If you want to read Patricia’s story CLICK HERE. “I saw my sister Patricia getting great results. She encouraged me to join.” At this point Kathys confidence and self-esteem had taken a dip. She was aware of this and knew that she needed to make a change. That change was joining TFW with her sister. No longer did she have to come to the gym and figure out what she had to do. Each workout session was planned out for her and she was coached on how to the exercises the right way. Having a plan goes a long way into getting the results that you want.  She made the commitment to fit the gym into her schedule and when she finally did that the results started to come.


What has TFW Done for Her?


When it comes to results people often think in hard numbers. How much weight did I lose? How many inches did I drop, while Kathy has lost 10 pounds and is down 2 pants sizes it is actually what she gained that is more important. The confidence that she had lost when she was not in the shape that she wanted to be in came back. Along with that her self-esteem increased. Yes, the weight loss is great but to Kathy these were more important than what the scale said. You want more proof of her confidence being improved? In June Kathy did something she never thought she would do, a Spartan Race. One of the hardest obstacle course races out there Kathy went out and conquered it. “The Spartan Race was the hardest thing I ever did but I loved it. After the race I was so proud of myself and had a great feeling of accomplishment.” Improved confidence and self-esteem can propel anyone to new heights and help people get in the best shape of their life.


 Kathy’s Tips for Transformation:


  1. Make time for exercise. Even if you think you don’t have time in your schedule, you have nothing but time to get your health back.

  2. Set goals. If you are not setting goals then you are on the path to nowhere and anything can get you there. Here at TFW the coaches help you set goals so you can stay consistent with your training and get what you want.

  3. Be patient with results. The results will come. Life is not about instant gratification. It will take hard work and effort on your part and things will come.


If your story sounds like Kathy’s then you need to join our transformation program. If your goal is to get in the best shape of your life then CLICK HERE TO APPLY FOR YOUR TRANSFORMATION!

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