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You get home from a long day of work. It was busy and most of all stressful. "Mommy can you come outside and play with me?" You want to run around and play but you are exhausted. You want to run around and play but that voice in your head is stopping you. Why? Because you don't feel like you can. You don't feel like you can keep up. Over the last few years you let your physical conditioning go and now it's difficult to do the things that your kids want you to do. You feel awful and it could possibly be the worst feeling. Not being able to play with your children. Not being able to run around and to actually keep up with them. You fear what they will think about you. Do they look at you negatively? Are they disappointed in you? You never want you children to have those feelings about you nor do you ever want to let them down. But you know that you are not in the best physical shape anymore and you feel like you are stuck in a rut. If this sounds familiar to you then read on and meet our hero Trish.

"Don't let your physical conditioning be the reason you can't do something." Martin Rooney
Meet Trish:
Trish is a hardworking business woman and a mother of two. With the long hours and the time well spent with her children's activities it was difficult to schedule in exercise on a consistent basis. Not being able to devote the time needed for exercise her level of fitness and health got away from her. "I knew I was getting older and I started to hate how I looked and felt about myself." She began feeling the aches and pains of limited physical activity. Everything started to hurt especially her knees which led to limited movement.
These aches and pains led to something much worse. Something nobody ever wants to experience especially as a parent. With the constant pain it became increasingly difficult for her to be active with her kids. 
"I couldn't keep up with my kids which led them to always assume that I was not the kind of parent that would get down on their level to play and have fun." With her feeling the physical pain constantly and now the emotional pain of her letting her children down Trish knew it was time to do something.
Trish had seen a friend of hers in the middle of her fitness journey. She saw that her friend was getting great results in such a short time thanks to TFW. Sometimes it's difficult to see others get results while we are down. Many feel jealous of the others but not Trish. Instead of getting jealous she got inspired. Seeing all the posts of the great results her friend was getting made her take action when she finally saw the TFW was doing their first 8-Week Transformation. She came in for her initial strategy session. "Before TFW I didn't have realistic goals." This meeting allowed her to come up with goals that she would be able to achieve and gave her the confidence that she could it. 
"Seeing my friends great results and now having real goals I trusted that TFW was the place for me.
So where has journey taken her?
Trish's journey has been incredible. Remember that problem of scheduling exercise in? She has no problem doing that. She is one of the most consistent students at TFW, getting in 3-4 times a week and always working hard. She gets right off  the train from work and heads right to the gym. With a big smile on her face she gets in to the dojo and gets the job done and because of that the results have been phenomenal. "I'm 30 pounds down, I have lost inches from every part of my body. I am stronger than I have ever been and my stamina is great. Overall I feel healthier and my doctor loves my medical chart now." Best of all she no longer feels like the parent that can't get down on the floor and be active with her kids she does not feel like her boys are embarrassed of her instead she knows they are proud of her because she can now get out there on the field with them and play ball. 
Trish's Tips For Transformation:
1. One of the biggest help is to chose one/lose one. This is where every month I chose something I want to add that is healthy and lose something that may be holding me back from my results. Choosing one thing at a time it is incredible how quickly you build upon each block and make an everlasting difference in your physical and mental state. 
2. Everyone thinks that they are eating healthy but sometime the truth of the matter is that you may not be eating as well as you should be. Food logging has been a great asset for me. It shows me what I am eating on a daily basis. It tells me if I ate enough for the day and keep me on track towards my goals. 
3. Scheduling my training sessions into my family calendar.  Consider it an important meeting with the CEO of your company and make sure you don't miss it or it'll negatively affect your bonus or promotion. Without scheduling i never found the time to get to the gym. Now I make it 3-4 times a week and the results are incredible. 


If you have a similar story as Trish then TFW Long Island is the place for you. Click here to apply for our 8-Week Transfomation and get the results that you have been looking for. 

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