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The secret to achieving your goals

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It always happens around the start of a new year. People start to set goals for the New Year in hopes they will change their lives. Fast-forward six months and most people have not even come close to the goals they had set. I am guilty as anyone else, setting goals the first week of January only to have an entire calendar year roll around and I did not come close to achieving them. Yeah it is embarrassing that I could not accomplish what I set out to do at the beginning of the year.

So as I look back at my past goals and assess what has gone wrong and what has gone right when I achieved what I set out to do I noticed one thing. I had followed the SMART Goals system, setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Targeted goals but it never really seemed to work for me. Looking into it I now realized that the goals I was setting were missing one thing. This one thing will separate you from accomplishing what you want and letting another goal be buried in the graveyard of dreams.

Here is a new way on how you should start setting your goals. What I have noticed is that many people have goals but have no idea WHY they have those goals. In order for you to really go after your goal it should be built on top of a purpose, your WHY. Your WHY is the strength that will fuel your drive to achieve what you want. Why are you doing what they are doing? Why are you taking the time to go after the goal they have? You can have any goal you want and any type of system to help attain that goal but if you do not have a WHY that backs it up you will never achieve the goal. A WHY will give your goal purpose to work with. Without a purpose behind your goal, more than likely you will be working towards something that means nothing to you and when you realize that it means nothing you will not work as hard as you should to attain it.

In order to achieve a goal you need to believe in your goal and your WHY. This belief in what you are trying to achieve will build your confidence. The more confidence you gain because of your WHY the more likely it is that you accomplish your goal. Your WHY will give you the extra push each time you have negative thought creep into your mind and you feel like quitting. Yes, those moments when you want to quit will come, but with a strong enough WHY and your confidence tank filled you will get through it all and keep pushing forward till you get what you want.

So how do we find out what our WHY is that back up our goals? Answering the following questions will aid you finding that WHY that will be the foundation of the goals that you set moving forward.

1. What is the purpose of your goal?
2. Why are we starting on this journey?
3. Does this goal excite you? (If not then find something else to go after.)
4. Is this goal for you or for or is it for someone else? (If for someone else then go back to question one)
5. Why are you willing to put in all the hard work to achieve that goal?
6. Create a WHY Statement.


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A Why Statement is a reminder to yourself about WHY you have set the goal you want. For example my coaching goal is to help other achieve the goals they have set for themselves. MY WHY Statement is, "I coach to empower people to become the best versions of themselves both physically and mentally." That statement drives me to give 100% effort to each of my students. It has a purpose behind it and it excites me to change people's lives day in and day out. Make sure you keep your WHY Statement on you at all times or etch it in your memory for it will be what you base your decisions on to get achieve your goal.

Find the WHY for your goal and you will achieve whatever it is you want.

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